About Us

We specialize in dove release services in the New York Tri-state area for over 50 years!

White doves are symbol of Love, Hope, Peace and Unity. At Doves of Love N.Y., the care and welfare of our feathered friends is extremely vital to us. Each of our Doves are raised and cared for by us.

Our dove releases can provide an exceptional addition to not only weddings and anniversaries but also for funerals and other special occasions or events.

Releasing white doves at special events is becoming increasingly popular for many kinds of events. They range from ‘Grand openings’ to ‘Weddings’ to ‘Funerals’ to any kind of ‘civil’ or ‘religious ceremonies’. White dove releases can provide an exceptional addition to your special event by adding a rich and meaningful element to the occasion.

We ensure that our doves are healthy, properly cared for, and always handled with love.

We take pride in our doves, In fact unlike any other dove service we raise and train our doves and that keeps us authentic. We keep our beautiful birds in great condition due to the extreme care and accomodating atmosphere for our feathered friends.

Get the advice and services from seasoned professionals at Doves of Love N.Y.

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7408 New Utrecht Avenue. Brooklyn New York.

Email: littlebirdworld@gmail.com

We are open all year round, 7 days a week!