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Doves of Love, Brooklyn New York

The release of white doves adds a wonderful touch and ever lasting memories to your occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special circumstances or occasions

We have been raising white doves for over 40 years. We are located in Brooklyn, N.Y and we provide doves release services in Brooklyn NY area. Our dove release services provides a special addition to not only weddings and anniversaries but also for funerals and other events.

We pride on our extensive experience of over 40 years and that makes us unique from other doves release service providers in New York. Unlike others we ourself train the doves. We keep the beautiful birds in great care and atmosphere.

We assure that our doves release will delight every guest in your occasion! Choose us and get the best in the business!

About Us

At Doves of Love NY, the care and welfare of our Doves is extremely vital to us, every one of our Doves are cared and raised by us.

Releasing white doves at special events is becoming increasingly popular for many kinds of events from Grand openings to wedding and funerals as well many other kinds of civil or religious ceremonies. White doves are symbol of Love, Hope, Peace and Unity.

Doves of Love NY offers a unique service in Brooklyn, NY and the adjoining areas. We do make sure that our doves are healthy, properly cared, and are absolutely good to being handled.

We have over 40 years of experience in our business!


Wings of Love

2 White Doves set free from a white heart shaped basket by the Bride and Groom. Upon request you may release the doves by hand.

Love Package

3 White Doves released from white heart shaped basket by Bride and Groom. Sweet, loving and memories that will last forever with this dove release package.

Joining of Families

2 White Doves are released from white heart shaped basket by the Bride and Groom. Shortly afterward, 4 white doves are released from our remote controlled basket, symbolizing the joining of two families by the marriage of the couple.

Memorial Package

3 White Doves are released from a special funeral box representing the father, son, and holy spirit followed by 1 Dove representing the deceased. At Doves Of Love NY, we can provide a loving tribute to your loved ones with this special package.

Memories thats Lasts a Lifetime

8 White Doves set free from our decorated remote release basket. A perfect for wide varieties of occassion where you memories matter. The beauty and awe of a dove release is easily attainable with White Dove Release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do the doves go when released?

White doves are highly trained to return to their home front when released. Clients often ask if all of the white doves will return to their home. No, only the doves that are properly trained and bred with the homing instinct. We take extreme care of our flock. They are fed Belgium feed and a mixture of organic grains.

Q. How do the doves know where home is?

This is a question that nobody really has an answer to. A well trained dove can navigate up to 600 miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. They can locate their home as well as North or South.

Q. What if it rains on our wedding day?

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the white dove release and refund your deposit back to you. The doves should never be released in foul weather. Any quality company and trained professional would agree, and have this stipulation mentioned in their contract. We will not jeopardize the health of our beloved doves.

Q. Do you release the doves at night?

No. They cannot see very well during nightfall, and most importantly being they are stark white an owl or other predator may attack them.

Q. How do you prevent the doves from making a mess on our guests?

Our doves are trained with a strict and special diet before your special ceremony. Although, we cannot 100% guarantee that this will not happen, it is highly unlikely.

Q. Can I release the doves myself, or is it better to have a release coordinator?

It is possible for anyone to open the basket and release the doves, however a trained professional, who specializing in dove releasing should be doing so. Only experts understand the bird behavior, timing, and what it takes to release them.

Dove release with great care

We arrange the birds in a heart shape basket and deliver them to the destination These birds are released by the bride and groom. We also have a remote basket which holds numerous birds these are released by a staff member.

We have a memorial basket that holds four birds that can be released by a family member. The birds are not released in heavy rain or harsh weather and must be released one hour before dark. There is a fifty mile radius from Brooklyn.

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